Friday, May 31, 2019

Rules & Regulations

Calvary Cemetery Officials have adopted these rules and regulations in conformity with the rules and regulations of other area cemeteries:


  • All burials must be conducted by authorized cemetery personnel.
  • Approved monuments, markers, emblems, vases, and urns are to be located and installed by
    permission of the sexton or cemetery board.
  • Flowers, flags, and decorations can be displayed from May 1 until November 15. After November
    15, seasonally appropriate decorations can be placed one week before the holiday and be left for
    one week after. Examples include Thanksgiving, Christmas, and St. Valentine’s Day.
  • Flowers
    • All vases, urns, pots, baskets, and saddles must be either securely attached to the monument, base, or foundation or must be within six inches of either side of the monument.
    • Wreaths and foam crosses must be on substantial wire stands
    • Wilted, faded, or unsightly flowers, pots, containers, and ornaments are to be removed by
      lot owners and disposed of, outside the cemetery, otherwise the cemetery will remove and
      dispose of them. Plantings
    • That will not grow over four feet are allowed
    • Must be on the sides of the marker or monument
    • Must be planted in flower ring that can be purchased from the cemetery
    • Can be removed by the cemetery if they are not kept trimmed and become unsightly
  • Flag holders can remain year-round, but flags must be removed by November 15
  • Plant hanger
One, single plant hanger per monument/marker will be allowed behind monument/marker Not to exceed 4’-6” in height after placed in ground
Solar light
One, single solar light per monument/marker will be allowed on the side of
  • Not to exceed 18” in height
  • Not to exceed 6” in diameter
  • Must be dignified, simple, and in harmony with our Catholic faith and practice
  • Mausoleum and Columbarium
    • No pictures are allowed on granite fronts of crypts or niches. A free-standing picture frame
      is allowed inside the glass of the glass front niches.
    • Dates on bronze plaques are to be year only (not month, day, and year)
    • Bronze emblems must fit on bronze plaques and are restricted to the following categories:
      Religious Military Vocation
      Ancestry Flowers Profession
  • The sexton or cemetery board may prohibit or remove and dispose of any item or article
    considered objectionable or not in good taste.
  • Calvary cemetery and/or officials of the cemetery board are not responsible for any damage,
    vandalism, or theft of any gravesite area or the contents therein.
  • Speed limit on any cemetery road is not to exceed 10 mph. Effective: 8 May 2019 

By order of the Officials of the