Thursday, June 9, 2011

Rules & Regulations

Calvary Cemetery Officials have adopted these rules and regulations in conformity with the rules and regulations of other area cemeteries:


  1. Approved monuments, markers, and urns are to be located and installed only as designated by the Sexton.  These will be located no more than 6” from any side of the owner’s monument.
  2. Only approved metal vases, sunk flush with the surface of the ground, are permitted for cut and artificial flowers.  Above ground pots and baskets are permitted for a ten-day period only over Memorial Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Independence Day, and Labor Day after which they will be removed by the Association and disposed of.
  3.  Wilted, faded, or unsightly cut and artificial flowers and above the ground pots, containers, and ornaments are to be removed by the lot owner and disposed outside the cemetery.  Otherwise, the Association will remove and dispose of them. This should be done by the lot owners each year by October 1, otherwise the Association will remove and dispose of them.
  4. Wreath, foam crosses, etc. on substantial wire stands are not permitted between October 1 and April 1 to allow for access to winter burials.
  5. Solar lights, shepherd’s hooks and seasonal flowers will be permitted year round.  These will be located no more than 6” from any side of the owner’s monument.
  6. Monument attachments must be securely fastened and include the monument’s name to ensure proper replacement should they blow off.  If found unattached with no identification they will be disposed of.
  7.  Certain Arbor Vitae (Evergreens) may be planted, only with the approval and consent of the Sexton, where they will not eventually overgrow the adjacent lots or avenues.  They are to be trimmed or removed by the lot owner when they exceed 4 feet in height or become overgrown or unsightly.  Otherwise, the Association will remove and dispose of them at the expense of the lot owner.
  8. The Association may prohibit or remove and dispose of, at the expense of the lot owner, any monument, marker, urn, ornament, vase, chair, case, or any other article that the Association considers objectionable or not in good taste.
  9. Urns that are abandoned or appear unused (as examples; filled with weeds, empty of dirt, turned upside down, or broken) will be removed and disposed of.
  11. Calvary Cemetery and/or the Officials of the Calvary Cemetery Association are not responsible for any damage, vandalism, or theft of any gravesite or the contents therein.
  12. Please consult the rules and regulations at the office of the Sexton or contact the cemetery office at 715-423-1351.

Effective date 12/16/14 as amended:

By order of the Officials of the